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Creativity Unleashed: Chandan Dubey’s Photo+

I am getting a certain vibe today, a creative one for sure! Well, like me, if you have been following Chandan Dubey's restorative artworks, you would be willing to take a plunge into the ocean of creativity too! For someone who is a self-taught photographer and painter, this talented lady packs a punch. And guess where… Continue reading Creativity Unleashed: Chandan Dubey’s Photo+

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A Soul-Stirring Affair at the Sampoorn Soul Flea

What a cracking way to end the long Ugadi weekend! I came back today from the Sampoorn Soul Flea absolutely satisfied and delighted having captured its true essence - beautiful fusion of traditional and modern, bohemian chic, eclectic flamboyance, and a vivid colour story all around! Not even the summer sun beating down with all its might upon the Bangaloreans… Continue reading A Soul-Stirring Affair at the Sampoorn Soul Flea