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Roopa’s Spanish Revival Style inspired Bengaluru Home

Hello Everyone, How have you been? I got a much needed break from work and home and spent a better part of the kids' summer vacation travelling and I will be out with another travel blog soon. Travel more often than not inspires me to try something new, to be adventurous, to meet new people,… Continue reading Roopa’s Spanish Revival Style inspired Bengaluru Home

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Creativity Unleashed: Chandan Dubey’s Photo+

I am getting a certain vibe today, a creative one for sure! Well, like me, if you have been following Chandan Dubey's restorative artworks, you would be willing to take a plunge into the ocean of creativity too! For someone who is a self-taught photographer and painter, this talented lady packs a punch. And guess where… Continue reading Creativity Unleashed: Chandan Dubey’s Photo+