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Sunshine, Mosaic Magic, and My Bloomingdale!

I am in my last week before I pop out my second bundle of joy and I am immensely enjoying myself! Reason: I have been on an exciting creative spree this time around, quite different from the last time! From the Mosaic Sea and Sky panel to the Tanjore Indonesian Sita to now mosaic mirrored panels and plaques, I have been on a roll literally! So much so that my better half is actually jealous of me exploring my creative side while he is busy with his daily work rigamarole!

I made a few mosaic wall plaques and a couple of mirrored panels for my balcony garden this week and I couldn’t be happier! Take a look:







Here I have combined Jaipur blue pottery tiles, mosaic glass tiles, and colourful beads. These plaques impart a rainbow like aura to the balcony wall and instantly brighten up the entire space.Β 

A couple of mosaic mirrored panels took my plain white wall to another level altogether! And it just took me 2 days to finish and frame them.

And here’s how my balcony looks after the carpenter had a field day putting all of them up on the wall!

Hope you all liked the new additions to this green corner. I love accessorising my Little Bloomingdale whenever I can…Pats and positive criticism welcome πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Sunshine, Mosaic Magic, and My Bloomingdale!”

  1. Hey, do you live in Elita Promenade by any chance. Came across this post on Pinterest. I live in these apartments and balcony structure looked similar so was wondering. Beautiful and inspiring!


  2. Hi…these are so bfull. But I have no clue how to make one for myself. Would you plz do the honour to teach me.


  3. Loved your DIY tile mirror & tile framed by itself!! I just checked your blog too…love it.
    If you happen to put togrther your DIY by pictures anytime. Let me know too..i would love to do it!!
    Thank you!!

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