Something Old, Something Borrowed: A Red Vignette for the Valentines!

An old, distressed trinket box, a pearly something borrowed from my mom, and a Tibetan singing bowl! I am all set for a rendezvous with peace and quiet this evening…


With just a hint of nature, interspersed with brass metal plaques and a lot of dark, rich wood… A red Moroccan-inspired tea votive just thrown in here casually šŸ™‚

The red and beige distressed trinket box with little trimmingsĀ of engraved brassĀ all over perfectly resonates with something old and borrowed theme. Also, IĀ have opted for a hintĀ of red in this vignette instead of going all the way.

This Tibetan singing bowl has become a recent favourite in my home asĀ its positive, mellifluous vibes really calm me down, almost instantly and create a zen-like atmosphere.


These Dhokra wall plaques are a gift from my lovely MIL when she visited her hometown Ranchi. Beautifully handcrafted by the local tribals, these plaques certainly take up the decor quotient of this dark veneer wall by several notches.

So, yeah! That’s aĀ little bit of red, little bit of metal, some wood, and a lot of love gone into it vignette for you…Cheers!

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