Stunning Red Vignettes that will Steal your heart this Valentines!

Red – colour of passion. The colour of emotions and intensity. A symbol of purity in India. Well, there are a couple of negative associations with this colour too, but I am just gonna focus on the positive ones. I am a Red person, a happy Red person and I love having a bit of this beautiful, warm colour in every corner in my home. And with Valentines just around the corner, this lovely, eclectic colour inspired me to indulge in a little bit of red decor love. Here’s the first one in a series of Red-inspired vignettes that I plan to roll out this season of love!


A bunch of fresh red roses in a hammered metal teapot, brass Buddha, and my favourite lotus tea light holder with little Buddhas engraved on each of its petals.


The red floral tray looks lovely against the metallic elements.


Bright red Kantha cushions work well in this red-inspired decor.

This vignette is an exciting potpourri of colour and metal. I had a lot of fun styling this piece for my living room. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more in this space! Cheers!!

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