City of Brass!

There are times when one is left speechless by the sheer craftsmanship and the talent of an artist that sculpts soulful renditions out of a metallic alloy; the dexterous hands that create masterpieces that add distinct character to homes. This is just one of those times when I too was left speechless when I spotted an exquisitely carved brass Tara bust at one of the local stores. I knew right away that it was perfect for my home. Take a look for yourself:


By the way, my family and all my friends are aware of my love (unexplained and incurable craziness) for exquisite brass artifacts, so whenever I get an opportunity, I don’t let it slip away 🙂

Whether it was the tranquility on its face, or the level of detailing on its crown following down to the neck and the drapes, this artifact is my most treasured possession and makes my home look beautiful and classy every single day! Well, that (and I have to admit sadly) completes my brass quota for at least the next quarter. Soak in its beauty till I come up with another new addition to my City of Brass. Cheers!


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